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Thank you again for stepping up to guide these players in this beautiful game. Here are some tips which we hope will be of use to you.


~ BUSC does not supply ball pumps - please bring your own ball pump in the ball bag for your players

~ Make sure to record jersey numbers when players pick out their jersey

~ BUSC does not supply goalie gloves.

~ It is helpful to meet with your team prior to the start of the season to hand out jerseys and gather contact information for your players. This also allows the players & parents to meet each other. If you are unable to organize something before the first game still contact everyone and meet up 30-45 minutes prior to your first game

~ At your first meeting ensure you get the contact information for the parents/guardians of your players. Decide how you will contact them if needed (phone call, text message, email etc.)

~ Ask a parent to organize a list for who is responsible for half-time snacks throughout the season. Try to remember to keep snacks healthy, quick and as garbage-free as possible. It may be helpful to come prepared with a calendar that parents can “fill in” with their preferred date. Be creative and have fun with this - it is often something the players look forward to every week.

~ At Halftime your snack time shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes maximum

~ If you know there are any dates that you will not be available to coach - try to set up coverage for your team as soon as possible. If you are struggling to get coverage for those dates reach out to your Convener.

~ Ask the parents/guardians of your team to “like” Bowmanville United Soccer Club on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @BowmanvilleC if possible. Both social media platforms will be a useful tool for parents, coaches and players throughout the season.

~ Parents/guardians can also be directed to the club website for questions they may have:




Ball size: U5 & U6 Size 3      U7-U12 Size 4    U14 & up Size 5

Number of players on the field:

U5 & U6: 3v3 (6 players/team no goalies)
U7-U10: 6 players per team on the field (including goalies)

U12 & up: 11 players per team on the field (including goalies)

~ Please arrive to your field approximately 15 minutes before your game time

~ Some coaches like to organize a short 20-30 minute “practice” before games - go for it! This is your team. Have fun with it.

~ Try your best to ensure each player has equal playing time.

~ For the younger players - a blanket on the sidelines where the players can sit while they wait for their time to play may be helpful. Encourage players to sit with their team to help keep track of substitutions and playing time

~ It may be helpful to supply the team parents/guardians with a “cheat sheet” with player’s first names and jersey numbers to help promote cheering and encouragement

 ~ Please remember – In the younger age Divisions most referees are young and learning at this age group. Our referees are highly trained, and they are continually training and learning. Please be respectful and ask your team to do the same

~ IF YOUR REFEREE DOES NOT COME FOR THE GAME - A Coach can Referee or a Parent can volunteer to referee as well. You can also as the Ref from the game before yours to stay and ref your game. Once you find a ref make sure to contact your Division Convener with the score of the game and who was the replacement Ref for you.


~ The BUSC permits the soccer fields from the Region of Clarington; therefore they have the final call on the playability of our fields. The Region will decide by 3pm if they are going to close the fields. If you don’t hear by then you must show up to the field, at that time the decision is made by the Ref.

~ Coaches are reminded - please do not cancel your own games due to weather. Please wait to see what the call will be. If you do not show for your game it will be counted as a loss and will not be rescheduled. The only exception to this rule is teams in the U5 & U6 Division please see U5/U6 Rainout SOP for complete details.

~ Referees have the authority to cancel a game at game time/during the game if an active thunderstorm/dangerous weather is seen and heard at the field

~ We will play in rain and wind to a reasonable amount

~ It is the parents/guardians choice for their child to not participate if they do not agree with the Region’s decision to not cancel the game

~ If a game is cancelled due to weather an alert will go out on the Remind App from our parent organization. The BUSC website, Facebook page, & Twitter account will be updated when we hear of the decision. We will also email all conveners to inform them of the closure, but it is your responsibility to choose how you will contact the parents/guardians


All Divisions Conveners will be emailed drills for skill & player development each week from our Governing Club (Darlington Soccer Club). They will be tailored to your age division. There are lots of resources on the web if you prefer looking there. Here are some of our favourite sites:

Some great tips on 3v3 for the U5 & U6 Divisions can be found here:


 ~ Play games - not drills. Players will be more enthusiastic to play a “game”, rather than participate in a “drill”

~ Attention spans in the younger age groups are generally shorter, players can get “fidgety” and won’t want to stay still for long

~Try to avoid line-ups when running a “drill”. Players will lose interest

~ Maximize touches on the ball as much as possible

~ Emphasize technique rather than speed

~ The objective should be that all players have fun

~ Coaches should work toward developing confidence in players


KICKING - using the inside of your foot to pass the ball - use the laces of the shoe with the toes pointing down to shoot the ball

STOPPING - use the inside of your foot, with your foot off the ground (or the bottom of your foot) to stop the ball

DRIBBLING - use small touches with both feet to move the ball forward. Try to keep the ball close to you

“The secret to my success is practice” – David Beckham