F.A.Q (Bowmanville United Soccer Club)


~ What equipment is required to play soccer?

Each soccer player will receive a complete uniform (shirt, shorts and 1 pair of socks) and 1 Soccer Ball. All soccer players are required to wear shin guards for the protection of themselves and their fellow players on the pitch. Each player should also wear soccer cleats

~Where & when do they play?

Your player’s Coach will reach out to you will all the information you will need for the season. Your Coach will arrange a time to meet up where you will receive your uniform & you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have as well as meet other parents on your team. The Coach will tell you your game night, first game, practice night, and Picture Day time. If you don’t hear from your Coach within 2 weeks of the season starting please reach out to the Club

~Do you take Special Requests?

Special Request for a particular Coach or to be on the same team as another player will be considered but we can’t guarantee them. The easiest way to be guaranteed the coach you want is to Volunteer to be that Coach’s Assistant! We will honour those matches every time.

~Can my player register for the Age Division above?

BUSC will permit the player to register for only one Division up. For example if your 9 year old wants to play with the U10s that is permitted; however if your 8 year old wants to play with the U10s that we will not permit.

~Can my player register for the Age Division below?

Unfortunately you will not be able to register your player in a division below.