Picture Day Schedule (Bowmanville United Soccer Club)

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Your Team’s Sponsor has paid a significant amount of money so your child can play this year, please show the Sponsor some appreciation and encourage your Team to show up for their Pictures. If you find that a significant number of players won’t be at your picture time, please let your Convener know.

DATES: Monday June 19th & Tuesday June 20th

LOCATION: Garnett B. Rickard Arena

Please see the attached schedule for your team’s time slot

Individual Picture Dates


This option is available to those players who were unable to attend their teams originally scheduled date and time

 DATE: tbd


TIMES: tbd



Monday June 19th 2023
VARSITY Sky/White 1 Sharpe Landscaping 5:00pm
VARSITY Purple 2 Booster Juice 5:00pm
U12 GIRLS Pink/White 1 Simply Silk Laser Hair 5:00pm
U12 GIRLS Purple/White 2 Planet Fitness 5:15pm
U12 GIRLS Royal/White 3 iGREEK 5:15pm
U10 GIRLS Maroon/White 5 Thomas Milner Lawncare 5:15pm
U5 Teal 6 Tim Hortons 5:30pm
U6 Silver 1 Tim Hortons 5:30pm
U10 Sky/White 5 Lissette Richards 5:30pm
U8 Royal/White 5 Lissette Richards 5:45pm
U5 White 1 Tim Hortons 5:45pm
U5 Royal 2 Tim Hortons 5:45pm
U5 Red 3 Tim Hortons 6:00pm
U5 Purple 4 Tim Hortons 6:00pm
U5 Orange 5 Tim Hortons 6:00pm
U5 Maroon 7 Tim Hortons 6:15pm
U5 Gold 8 Tim Hortons 6:15pm
U5 California Blue 9 Tim Hortons 6:15pm
U5 Forrest 10 Tim Hortons 6:30pm
U12 GIRLS Red 4 OPG 6:30pm
U7 GIRLS Gold/Black 1 Bowmanville Family Resturant 6:30pm
U7 GIRLS Emerald/White 2 Hooper's Jewellers 6:45pm
U7 GIRLS Orange/White 3 Northcutt Funeral Home 6:45pm
U7 GIRLS Red/White 4 Boston Pizza 6:45pm
U7 Silver/Black 5 Picture Day Photography 7:00pm
U8 GIRLS Purple/White 2 Starapples 7:00pm
U8 GIRLS Lime/Black 3 FreshCo 7:00pm
U10 Emerald/White 1 Mind Matters 7:15pm
U10 White/Black 2 McDonalds 7:15pm
U10 Lime/Black 3 Liberty Dental 7:15pm
U10 Silver/Black 4 iGreek 7:30pm
U10 Gold/Black 6 Feeney Plumbing 7:30pm
U10 Red/White 7 Justin Barry Optical 7:30pm
U10 Red/White 8 Papas Pizzaland 7:45pm
U10 Purple 9 Cowan Buick GMC 7:45pm
U10 Navy 10 BUSC 7:45pm
U10 Royal 11 James Insurance 8:00pm
U10 Maroon 12 Thomas Milner 8:00pm
U14 Emerald/White 1 True North Home Comfort 8:00pm
U14 Gold/Black 2 Fionn MacCool's 8:15pm
U14 Sky Blue 3 Justin Barry Optical 8:15pm

Tuesday June 20th
U14 GIRLS Red/White 1 Vanderium Mortgage 5:00pm
U14 GIRLS Teal/Black 2 Ultimate Fitness Club 5:00pm
U14 GIRLS Orange 3 MJH Services Inc. 5:00pm
U6 Teal 2 Tim Hortons 5:15pm
U6 Navy 3 Tim Hortons 5:15pm
U6 Orange 4 Tim Hortons 5:15pm
U6 Maroon 5 Tim Hortons 5:30pm
U6 Royal 6 Tim Hortons 5:30pm
U6 Red 7 Tim Hortons 5:30pm
U6 California Blue 8 Tim Hortons 5:45pm
U6 Purple 9 Tim Hortons 5:45pm
U6 Gold 10 Tim Hortons 5:45pm
U10 GIRLS Teal/Black 6 Soccer X 6:00pm
U7 Lime/Black 1 Anthony Structural 6:00pm
U7 Sky/White 2 Mind Matters 6:00pm
U7 White/Black 3 Try-Umpth Electric 6:15pm
U7 Royal/White 4 Brandon Gough Coldwell 6:15pm
U7 Red/White 6 Starapples 6:15pm
U7 Orange/White 7 Larry Potter Jumping Castles 6:30pm
U7 Yellow 8 Puzzles From Polo! 6:30pm
U8 Emerald/White 1 Thomas Milner 6:30pm
U8 Gold/Black 2 Planet Fitness 6:45pm
U8 Lime/Black 3 AJ Appliance Repair 6:45pm
U8 Orange/White 4 Taunton Pools 6:45pm
U8 Red/White 6 Deering Financial Coop. 7:00pm
U8 Orange/White 7 Cowan Buick GMC 7:00pm
U8 Purple 8 BUSC 7:00pm
U8 GIRLS Pink/Black 1 Sundae Funday 7:15pm
U8 GIRLS Royal/White 4 Marlene Boyle Remax 7:15pm
U10 GIRLS Pink/Black 1 Helping Hands Movers 7:15pm
U10 GIRLS Purple/White 2 Chanterelle Bistro 7:30pm
U10 GIRLS Lime/Black 3 James Insurance 7:30pm
U10 GIRLS Royal/White 4 Marlene Boyle Remax 7:30pm
U10 GIRLS Red 7 BUSC 7:45pm
U12 Emerald/White 1 Vanderdium Mortgage 7:45pm
U12 Gold/Black 2 Booster Juice 7:45pm
U12 Lime/Black 3 Sundae Funday 8:00pm
U12 Orange/White 4 Ernie's Handyman Service 8:00pm
U12 Royal/White 5 Canadian Tax Accounting 8:00pm
U12 Forrest 6 Tin Knockers 8:15pm
U12 Red 7 Taunton Pools 8:15pm
U16 Royal 1 Vanderdium Mortgage 8:15pm